A Pot of Golden Dildos


A Pot of Golden Dildos

Where does one begin to recruit someone for this sort
of a plan? I couldn’t go to a nightclub and “pick up”
someone. It had to be someone I could trust, someone
safe, and someone “hung”. There were plenty of guys at
work that would love to get their dick in Jeri, but
there’s the old saying about “don’t shit in you own
backyard” that made co-workers out of the question. So
what to do?

It was about this time that an old friend from my high
school days called to say he was back in town and would
like to get together and renew our friendship. I didn’t
put the two situations together at first, but when Mel
and I began reminiscing about out days together on the
Tennis team, I remembered why I had envied him. As I
recalled, Mel’s prick was as big soft as mine had been
hard, although we never made a direct comparison. I
thought that he was very probably (at least physically)
what I needed to fulfill my fantasy “test.”

As Mel and I talked, I learned that he was recently
separated from his wife, and that they were going to
get a divorce. He stated his displeasure at reentering
the dating scene, saying that all the really great
women had already found someone and gotten married or
were at least living with someone. He also confided
that he had once had a desire to pursue Jeri, but that
I had “beaten him out”. This was almost too unlikely to
believe, but what the hell, I decided to give it a try
and see how far I could make this go. Could I really
let another man fuck my wife?

Over the next several weeks, we had Mel over for dinner
and we went out to the movies together a few times.
Jeri fixed him up with some of her girlfriends from
work, but nothing clicked. All the while, I was making
casual hints about Jeri and me to Mel, trying to see if
he showed any interest, He seemed genuinely concerned
about us, and I felt more comfortable all the time
about revealing my fantasy to him.

Date: مارس 22, 2019