Big Butts Like It Big Lisa Ann


Big Butts Like It Big

Brazzers ~ Lisa Ann, Markus Dupree I Want It Harder

Michael then asked if I wanted to taste her. I told him
yes, very much so and very badly. I got between her
gorgeous and shapely legs and licked and sucked on her
they way I hoped she would someday do for me. My ass was
high in the air and I could feel Michael’s presence
behind me, then his breath on my skin. He slowly ran his
gentle hands over my ass and up and down my inner
thighs. He press his hand sideways up between my legs
and into my crotch and sort of sawed his way into my
slit. His knuckle was pressing against my throbbing clit
and I came for the first time (produce by someone other
than myself). He slowly pulled my panties down to my
knees and began running the tip of his tongue around my
asshole. I came again. I had all but stopped licking
Maria, but I could feel her hands on my tits and
nipples. She was pulling them harder now. Michael raised
one leg at a time and removed my panties completely and
while continuing to lick my asshole began fingering my
pussy. Shortly I came again, and again. He spread my
knees a little more and stood up behind me. I turned my
head so I could see him and his cock was very big and
erect. He moved closer and began just running the head
of it against me everywhere. The heat of his meat felt
fantastic. He didn’t attempt any penetration with it,
just massaged me. Every once in awhile he would run it
all the way through my slit and Maria would ask me to
look at it. The big head would be all the way down to my
knees and onto the bed).

Maria ask me if I wanted it and I said, YES, YES, YES!

Date: أبريل 10, 2019

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