Bonnie Rotten, Alex Legend He Came At Night


Bonnie Rotten, Alex Legend He Came At Night

Brazzers Exxtra ~ Brazzers ~ Bonnie Rotten, Alex Legend He Came At Night

Since it was nearly 6:00 pm now and I had been there all
day, I called my parents and told them I was going to be
staying for dinner and spend the night there. I had done
this many times before (but not for the same reason).

I didn’t have any intention on eating anything for
dinner except them… they didn’t either. When I got
back on the bed Maria had gotten out some sex toys
and lots of different creams and oils. We did a lot of
exploring and experimenting together.

She fucked me with several dildos and I did the same to
her. This was great fun. After she finished, I asked
Michael if he wasn’t going to fuck me. Michael said he
didn’t think it was a good idea … that he could get
into a lot of trouble by doing so. I told him I wanted
him and that I doubted he could be in any more trouble
than he already was if that was my intention (which it
wasn’t). Maria said that I wasn’t on the pill and that
accidents happen. I begged them both … told them I
would do anything to feel him all the way inside me.
That I’d had a taste of it and that it would be cruel
not to finish what we had started. Maria went into the
bathroom and return with a condom. She put it on him
and he gave it to me. To this day, I have never been
with a man as big or a man who knew how to use his tool
on me better.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time with them until
graduating from high school and moving away to college.
I still see them when I visit my parents and we still
share pleasure together.

Date: أبريل 10, 2019

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