Brazzers Exxtra Gabriella Paltrova


Brazzers Exxtra Gabriella Paltrova

Brazzers Exxtra ~ Brazzers ~ Gabriella Paltrova, Michael Vegas Dirty Double Cross

We sat and talked for awhile and pretty soon I asked if
they were in the mood to do it now. Maria stood up and
began removing her clothes. They looked at each other
and smiled. I thought that meant they were just teasing
me and said so. With that Michael removed everything but
his briefs. I got off the bed and sat in a chair across
from the bed. My eyes must have lit up like Christmas
tree lights when Maria dropped to her knees before
Michael, pulled down his underwear and opened her mouth
like a bird waiting for a worm. He wasn’t even semi-hard
yet, probably nervous about this, but was still very
large. She put her hands on his ass and pull him closer
to her and reached out with her tongue and guided his
dick into her mouth.

Within seconds he was raging hard and enormous in size
and she was licking and sucking him like crazy. Running
her tongue up and down his long, thick shaft …..
flicking the tip around and under the big mushroom head
and licking and gently sucking his nearly tennis ball
size nuts. She ask if I wanted a closer look and I moved
right next to her. Then she ask if I wanted to join in.
I definitely did and we worked over his meat for a long
time. Every once in awhile her lips met mine (sometimes
with his cock between them) and when this happened it
shot sensations throughout my body. She also occasion-
ally would take my breasts with her hands and roll my
nipples between her thumb and forefingers. God this
drove me crazy.

She got up on the bed, flat on her back and spread her
legs wide. Michael began running his tongue from her
toes to her knees and she fingered her pussy and
massaged her clit. She ask if I wanted to join her on
the bed for a better look. As soon as I got there she
suggest I might be more comfortable without so many
clothes on. I literally torn them off, everything but
my panties which were soaking wet and had been for some
time Michael was now licking her pussy … long slow
licks from asshole to clit and back again, over and
over. Maria shut her eyes and began to moan softly. She
again touched my breasts and played with my nipples. She
then touch my hand and placed it on her big tit. My hand
just seemed to now what to do, and without further
encouragement or instruction I began to suck and lick
her nipples and Michael eat her pussy. She must have had
10 orgasms at least.

Date: أبريل 11, 2019

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