Doctor Adventures Brooklyn Blue


Doctor Adventures Brooklyn Blue

Doctor Adventures ~ Brazzers ~ Brooklyn Blue, Danny D Are You Even A Doctor?

We lived in a very nice neighborhood next door to a very
attractive young couple (Michael & Maria). He was very,
very handsome (25) and he was gorgeously beautiful
(23). When I was 11, I started visiting them, helping
out with chores around their house. Michael was in the
medical profession and Maria was in the public relations

Anyway, I love them both and was always over at there
place as they were very interesting and fun people to be
around. During the summer shortly before my 13th
birthday, I went over there in the afternoon on a
Saturday. I knew they were home, but they didn’t answer
the door so I let myself in. I went upstairs as I could
hear sounds coming from their bedroom. The door was open
and as I entered the door way I could see that they were
naked and on the bed. I said nothing… just stood there
in silence and watched…

She was blindfolded, gagged, and her hands were hand-
cuffed together through the headboard at the top of the
bed. Her ass was placed on two pillows and her legs were
up in the air. His head was between her l egs and I
watched as he licked her over and over again. Since she
was blindfolded she couldn’t see me and he was too busy
to notice me either.

The television was on and the sounds I had heard were
coming from the video they obviously had been watching.
It was two guys giving a women all kinds of pleasure.
It took me several minutes to finally realize that it
was her and two other men … one I had seen at their
house before, the other I had not.

Needless to say, I was in a state of shock. I just stood
there open mouthed alternately watching them and the
screen. Up until this time I was a virgin. Oh, I had
allowed myself to be touched by boys … but that was
about it. I had never seen a man’s cock except for my
brother’s and father’s after a shower or something like
that and then only had caught a glimpse.

Date: أبريل 12, 2019

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