Fuck you, we go 2on2 Sara Bell & Nicole Black Monster Gapes Battle with Balls Deep Anal, DAP, Swallow


Fuck you, we go 2on2 Sara Bell & Nicole Black Monster Gapes Battle with Balls Deep Anal, DAP, Swallow

Gradually we undressed one another and held each other
close, kissing. As we sank slowly to the floor, I
turned out the last light, and slid one of those big
pillows under Jeri. I began caressing her arms, her
breasts, her tummy, her thighs, her everything. Jeri
was only moderately active, probably from the booze,
which was exactly what I’d hoped for. As I kissed my
way down the front of her, she moaned softly. As my
tongue parted the lips of her pussy, she only moved a
little. It was then that I pressed against the insides
of her knees until she had spread her legs wide apart.

I hoped there would be enough room for the switch from
me to Mel. I continued to kiss her pussy and caress her
legs until I felt Mel move in behind me. I almost
panicked at this point; for fear that Jeri would
realize that I was up to something and that she’d get
pissed off. But she was still enjoying my attention and
didn’t sense anything other than my tongue, and my
hands. Slowly, I raised my head up from between her
thighs and moved myself into position. I gently eased
the tip of my dick into her and then pulled back,
rubbing the tip around the outside. All the while I was
rubbing up and down her right leg with my left hand and
fondling her pussy with my right.

When Mel put his hand on my left forearm, I almost
jumped. I wasn’t expecting it, but managed to maintain
my concentration. I raised my left hand off of Jeri’s
leg, and Mel took over the caressing on that side. I
pushed my cock back into Jeri, a little further this
time. I moved myself as far to the right as I thought I
could without arousing suspicion, then pulled out
again. As I moved the tip of my dick along Jeri’s right
thigh, she moaned, “Please put it in again.”

I raised up as far as I could on my knees, and Mel
began to move in front of me. In the dim moonlight,
shining through the skylight, I could see his big cock
sliding down her thigh.

Date: مارس 22, 2019