Get your hands off my daughter


Get your hands off my daughter

bastard … my boobs even better than her

I thrust my face between her parted thighs and
began licking her dripping snatch. Slowly and teasingly
lapping at her thick and juicy pussy lips, and as I
shoved my tongue up her, I felt an obstruction. Here
was a real virgin, just waiting to get fucked for the
first time. Her cunt lips were closed so tightly to-
gether that I needed my fingers to pry them apart.

By now I was so hard that I thought I’d come
right then and there. I climbed on top of Angela and
turned her over so that she was on top of me. We kissed
for a little while before I pushed her down to my cock.
She pulled my shorts off, freeing my throbbing manhood,
and began sucking hungrily.

With her head bobbing up and down on my proud,
hard, erection, it wasn’t long before I started shooting
off down her throat. Somehow, Angela managed to swallow
all of my spunk choking a little missing a few gobs,
that dripped down her chin.

She kept on sucking my cock while I reached over
and pulled her derri?re towards me so that we were in a
69 position, and started licking her soft, red-hot

Suddenly Angela let out a scream, and her sweet
love juices ran out all over my face. She turned around
to face me and fell on top of me. We kissed softly
while I stroked her lovingly, tasting each others

By this time my cock had started to come alive
again. I turned her over on her back and furiously kis-
sed her while I spread her legs wide. I got between
them, putting my cock at her pussy lips and teasingly
stroking it up and down her cunt.

Date: أبريل 10, 2019

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