Layla Sin – Give me more! I want a deeper


Layla Sin – Give me more! I want a deeper


He “accidently” ran into her again later that
afternoon, while she was alone again. The two of them
talked, and she told him all about herself. “These girls
love to talk” he thought. The whole time Amy told him
about herself, he was undressing her with his eyes. He
wondered what those tits would look like. How much hair
would she have. Is she a virgin? So many questions he
would ponder tonight, as he did his thing. Between all
the bullshit she was yacking about, he finally pieced
together enough to be happy with how well he knew her.

She was 14, and a freshman cheerleader. She had no
boyfriend, and from the way she talked, was a virgin.
She liked movies, pizza, and TV. “Well, you seem very
nice” he told her. He then told her that he would love
to see her cheer. “We have a game tonight!” she blurted
out. “I’d love for you to come see me.” He turned red
in the face, but she sat and smiled at him, waiting to
hear what he would say. He figured that he might as well
give it a shot.

He was tired of jacking off all the time, and
wanted to see how she would react. “Well, Amy” he told
her, “I just have one small problem. I should not tell
you this, but I am not really a very nice man. I think
nasty thoughts sometimes when I see girls your age in
those outfits.”

Amy blushed and whispered to you, “That is okay. I
feel the same way about men in uniforms.” He grinned,
and told her he would think about it. She then said to
him, “Come see me, I’ll do some special cheers for you.
Before and after the game.” He confirmed that he would
be there, and smiled as she walked over to her mother.

Date: أبريل 10, 2019

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