Pornstars Like it Big Rachel Starr


Pornstars Like it Big Rachel Starr

Pornstars Like it Big ~ Brazzers ~ Rachel Starr, Markus Dupree Ghost Humping

I don’t recall everything I said, but eventually I told
them that I had found this very exciting and had
feelings I couldn’t really describe. Michael left the
room to get us some juice or something to drink and
Maria and I talked a lot more.

Pornstars Like it Big Rachel Starr

I ask her if it hurt when Michael just rammed his big
cock into her. She said tha yes it did for a few
moments, but that it was a pain she loved and one of
pleasure. She added that someday I would enjoy it also.
She knew I was a virgin, as we had several discussions
on the subject over the past year … we all had
discussed sex openly on a few previous occasions. My
parents were very open minded people and began teaching
us about sex at early ages. So, I wasn’t dumb, just
inexperienced. However, I saw things that day I knew
nothing about, and told her so. She began to explain
some of them when Michael came back.

Maria brought Michael up to date on what our conversa-
tion had covered and some of my questions. He then told
me that Maria enjoyed having sex with more than one man
at a time and that he enjoyed watching and participating
in her pleasure. And, that it was the same for her. That
she enjoyed watching him with other women and that he
found great pleasure in having more than one women
satisfy his desires. Maria then said that she was also
bisexual and that she enjoy making love with other
females too.

I told them both that I thought this was beautiful, that
they were beautiful, that I loved them both and that I
hoped to someday have the same type of relationship with
my husband (if and when I got married). I told them that
what I had seen was the most exciting thing I had ever
witnessed in my life … both on the bed and on the TV
screen. Maria was a little embarrassed when I told her I
knew the woman in the video was her. She started to deny
it until I mentioned the friend who I had seen many
times at their house.

Date: أبريل 11, 2019

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