Red Hot Boss From Hell


Red Hot Boss From Hell

I had an experience last month that I thought your
readers might want to read about. It began while my
husband, Hal, and I were returning home from watching a
movie at an adult theater. Hal was really horny and so
was I. On the drive home, I had my husband’s cock out
of his pants and was sucking it while he fondled me. I
got so worked up that I begged him to fuck me right
then. He drove our car into a dark, deserted alley off
the main street. I got ready to get into the back seat
but Hal suggested that we do it on the hood. The danger
of getting caught made me even hotter so I agreed to my
husband’s suggestion.

I stood next to the car while my husband made sure
no one could see us. He came around the car and told me
to take off my blouse. I had it off in a flash! Hal
reached around me and unfastened my bra, letting my 40″
(DD) bbreasts hang free. I grabbed his hardon through
his pants and gave it a firm squeeze. My husband pulled
my bra off the rest of the way and began fondling my
breasts. I could feel my juices flow as he sucked on my
hard nipples. Hal told me to lay across the fender so
he could screw me from behind. I turned around and bent
over, laying my upper body on the warm hood. Hal
unfastened my skirt, unzipped it, and le t it fall
around my feet. Then, he pulled my panties down over
my ass and let them fall. I heard him unzip and then
felt his hands run up and down my thighs. I stepped out
of my clothes at my feet and spread my legs wide apart
to expose my waiting cunt.

I moaned to my husband, “Oh, yes! Yes! Fuck me,
baby! I want your cock fucking me, now!”

He moved up behind my wet pussy and inserted his
dick. I heard him groan and then he began pumping my
slick wet hole. The feeling of being fucked, out in the
open, on the hood of our car, made me crave Hal’s cock
like an animal. He entered me with slow, steady pushes
while he fondled the cheeks of my hot ass. Soon I knew
Hal was loosing his control as his thrusts became
quicker and more forceful.

Date: مارس 22, 2019

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