Taped Up Hottie


Taped Up Hottie

Obviously, it would be necessary for Mel to be present
without Jeri knowing it, so the first order of business
was to select a location where I could be fucking Jeri
while Mel was close by. We decided on the rec room,
because of the storage room nearby where Mel could hide
until I got things going. There were these big floor
pillows that Jeri and I had fucked on before, so that
wouldn’t arouse her suspicion. Next, we had to figure
out how to get Mel into the storage room without Jeri
knowing that he was even in the house. We figured that
we cold “sneak” Mel into the house while Jeri was at
the store.

Then we had to come up with a way for Mel to relieve
himself in case he had to take a piss while he waited
in the storeroom. An empty coffee can with its plastic
lid would work OK. Since there would be no easy way to
signal Mel when to come out of the store room, we
agreed that he would just have to peek around the
doorway to the rec room and use his own best judgment
as to when to come in. The lights would have to be off
so that Jeri would not be able to see Mel and I trade

Finally, the big night came, and as Jeri left in her
car to go to the store, I called Mel He parked around
the corner so that Jeri wouldn’t see his car when she
returned. “Are you sure about this?” he asked as he
came in. “Yes! I’ve got to find out, or I’ll wonder for
the rest of my life.” “OK,” he replied, “as long as
you’re sure.” We checked out the storage room, and the
path through the rec room, so that he wouldn’t trip on
or walk into something as he approached in the dark.
Fortunately, there was a moon out that night, which
would help light the rec room a little through the

Date: مارس 22, 2019

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