Teens Like It Big


Teens Like It Big

Brazzers ~ Carolina Sweets, Keiran Lee Stuck & Fucked

Teens Like It Big

He was a security guard at the local mall. He
enjoyed his work, and liked to meet different people.
his bosses had no idea that inside he was really a
pervert, wanting to peek at teenage girls in the
dressing room. But being scared he would get caught,
he never fullfilled his fantasies while at work. But if
he did see a cute one, he would follow her around while
she shopped, undressing her with his eyes, and then
think about her as he masturbated after returning home
at the end of the day.

One day, he saw a young teen getting dropped off
by her mom in front of the mall. He saw instantly how
cute she was. She was about 16. She looked a little
older physically, but when she smiled she had a mouth
full of braces, which made her look somewhat younger
in the face. She had on tight blue jeans, and a VERY
tight t-shirt. Her chest was small, but he could see
every bulge her breast created. He could even see the
outline of her bra when he stood behind her. She had
the cutest braces that he’d ever seen on a teen. They
made her not look like a silly kid, but rather
“distinguished” he thought. Her mother joined her a few
minutes later, and he followed them around for a little
while. The mom finally had to sit down and get a drink,
and the girl went over to look at some underwear in a
store. He walked up behind her, and she sorta jumped
when he said hello.

“Finding everything okay?” he asked. The girl
knodded yes, and he told her that his name was Bob. She
introduced herself, and he said, “Enjoy your shopping
Amy. I’ll keep an eye on you today.” She smiled, and he
could feel his erection growing as he stared into her

Date: أبريل 10, 2019

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