Victoria Pure is back to get fucked again


Victoria Pure is back to get fucked again

Amy climbed onto his lap, his already hard dick
mashing against her skirt. When the lights went out, and
the show began, Amy raised up a little, and covered his
entire lap with her skirt. Her little uncovered pussy
was all over his jeans. “Now is the time to try” she
said. He was worried, but were so hard he couldn’t stop.

Victoria Pure is back to get fucked again

He slowly reached below her skirt, and unzipped
his pants. He decided to check her out, to make sure
she was ready before he continued. He raised his hand up
a little, and rubbed her slit up and down. It was wet,
as he’dd hoped, so he decided to make his move.

He pulled out his dick, and put it between her
legs. Amy raised up just a little as he sank his ass
deep into the chair. His head was now poking her crack,
and he raised up a little. As his dick penetrated her
young cunt, Amy let out a light moan and twitched a
little. His dick was now completely inside her, and it
was hard for him not to move his hips. He closed his
eyes and relaxed, feeling the tight young pussy gripping
his cock.

Amy moved around a little, making hhim want to
cum more than ever. Her breathing was very heavy, but
the girl kept a strait face, so no one would know what
he was doing to her.

She whispered into his ear as he watched the
Varsity Cheerleaders perform. She said, “Like being
inside me while we sit here? I love it this way!”
He could do nothing but knod as she continued to slowly
rotate her hips.

Date: مارس 22, 2019

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